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The Healthy Back Bag® was launched in the USA, the design was patented in 1994, and winged its way across the Atlantic in 2003. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength and the Healthy Back Bag is now sold worldwide. So what has made these quirky bags so interesting to consumers and retailers alike? The answer to that is three-fold:


· The Healthy Back Bag is unique; in its shape, in its intelligent pocketing, in its extraordinary variety.

· Our customers are loyal, coming back time after time to add to their HBB collection.

· Every Healthy Back Bag is amazingly comfortable, combining in equal measure, versatility, practicality and style.


The Healthy Back Bag came about as an answer to a question that still plagues people all over the world “where can I get a shoulder bag that isn’t going to kill my back?”

Not everyone wants to wear a fitted backpack every day. And so

The Healthy Back Bag was born and through the collaboration of

a designer leather craftsman, a doctor and a chiropractor, men

and women alike now have a fashionable functional alternative

to a backpack or single strap bag.

Garantie bepaling The Healthy Back Bag:

Op alle artikelen van  The Healthy Back Bag die je bij ons koopt

krijg je de wettelijke garantie. Als je een beschadigd

artikel hebt ontvangen of als het artikel na geringe tijd kapot gaat,

zullen we zorgen voor een passende oplossing. Neem contact op

met onze winkel of kom even langs. We zullen ons uiterste best doen

om de klacht naar tevredenheid op te lossen.

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